The Fourth Judicial District

Hennepin County Courts


10 Judicial Districts

There are 10 judicial districts in the state.  Two of the 10 judicial districts are limited to one county:  the 4th (Hennepin) and the 2nd (Ramsey).  The other judicial districts are made up of multiple counties.  The Fourth District has seven court locations and hears 40% of all cases in the state.

The Judges

Hennepin County has a diverse group of 63 judges.  Most judges are appointed by the Governor through a competitive merit-based process.  They can also run for election.  Judge Koch was appointed.  Then, like all appointed judges, he was up for election during the next election.  Judges serve for six-year terms.  Out of the 63 judges, Judge Koch is currently #15 in seniority.  He will soon move up a couple of spots due to retirements.  Judges must retire at 70.