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If this were a contested race, we may have needed some money.  

But this is not a contested election.  We are not seeking donations.


(Because nobody filed to run against Judge Koch, 

we removed the donation links.)

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There are Rules

Judicial campaigns are different than political campaigns.  They are non-partisan.  And there are limitations on what the candidate can do and know.  Simply put, the rules are aimed to help ensure the integrity of the judicial system and to remove any appearance of impropriety.  Like all judicial candidates, Judge Koch cannot know who has been asked for a donation or who has made (or not made) a donation.  Nobody can donate more the $2,500.  And certain business entities cannot contribute.  The campaign needs to collect donor information and report it to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board. 

If you believe in a fair, impartial, experienced judicial system that is involved in the community and committed to constant improvement, please consider making a financial contribution.

Thank you.


This is NOT a contested election.  Please consider donating any money you may have provided to another cause you support.

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